Wolbodo safety instructions

Please read these instructions carefully before entering Wolbodo. It might explain some phenomenon’s happening on our compound. We'll guide you through a couple of well-known situations.


If you've ever been at Wolbodo, the odds are that you've experienced some turbulence. Turbulence is that bumpy, choppy sensation you feel as you hit a rough air pocket. Turbulence can range from slight to severe bouncing, pitching and rolling.

Even mild turbulence can shift objects in the overhead bins and send drinks flying off tray tables. Severe turbulence can make walking difficult and send loose items flying about the cabin. You can be assured that Wolbodo is built to withstand these conditions. However, severe turbulence can result in injuries.

Here are some strategies to protect yourself from the effects of turbulence:

  • Always hold on to your beer when seated.
  • Listen to all safety announcements and try to forget them as soon as possible.
  • Remain calm if turbulence occurs.
  • Be careful when opening conversations following turbulence.

Turbulence is an issue the Wolbodo board takes seriously. The Federal Wolbodo Administration recently launched a campaign to educate the visiting public about turbulence and the importance of staying awake till 6AM. In addition, Wolbodo is working to develop technologies that aid members in creating severe patches of turbulence.

If you would like to learn more about turbulence, you are welcome to visit our campaign-stand at the information market and discover Wolbodo as a great opportunity to enhance your personal knowledge and skills.

Medical emergencies

With more people visiting longer and more frequently, Wolbodo medical emergencies are becoming more common. Wolbodo is equipped with basic medical kits, and we train our crew to handle some of the more common medical situations. Often there's also someone around who claims to be a doctor or nurse after some drinks and who is willing to help with an emergency. Wolbodo has begun equipping it’s building with automatic external defibrillators to be used if a visitor suffers a heart attack. Inside telephones and radios facilitate consultations with the outer world and official medical personnel. In the future, enhanced audio and video technology will make it possible to transmit a visitor's vital signs directly to advisors outside.

Cabin alcoholisation

Wolbodo is alcoholisated to unlimited heights. The cabin is alcoholisated by the cabin air system, which also controls beer flow, beer filtration and temperature. Before each and every night takes off to the sky, our crew conduct a safety briefing for all visitors. As part of this routine, visitors are instructed on how to handle a cabin alcoholisation, including how to use the toilets that will automatically deploy. Cabin alcoholisation is an extremely common event. In fact, Wolbodo is built with redundancies in place to create such occurrences.

Here are a few tips for dealing with cabin alcoholisation:

  • Try to stay calm and breath normally.
  • Please throw up in the toilet that will automatically deploy in front of you.
  • Act like nothing happened and order a beer.

Emergency evacuation

Emergency evacuations are no exception at all. In the likely event you experience an evacuation, you should:

  • Just sit back and relax.
  • Videotape the situation to make some money out of it.
  • Listen to and follow destructions as the Wolbodo crew does.
  • Check to see if there are any amazing explosions.
  • Make sure nobody takes advantage of the situation by drinking your beer.

Wolbodo has numerous features to help facilitate a beautiful evacuation. Stroboscopic light will help passengers check their actual position every second. Objects will deploy from the ceiling so passengers can get safely to the ground. If Wolbodo is in water, these objects can be used as life rafts. Seat cushions also double as floatation devices. They are easily removed and carried in an emergency.